Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Welcome to Iran

Wherever we went, men and women, old and young, greeted us warmly with “Welcome to Iran.” “Welcome to our beautiful country.”

Our last day in Esfahan, a city I believe to be right up there with Florence in sheer architectural beauty, we visited three of the most famous city bridges built in the 17th century (Safavid Dynasty).

At the first and most famous of the bridges, we heard a man singing as we got off our bus and were drawn toward a group of elderly fellows sitting on the ground, listening to the song. Their samovar was heating water for tea in the middle and they were passing around the tea pot. They gather at this bridge every Friday morning to sing, talk and drink tea.

One of the gentlemen, a welder who had retired in 1984, got up to greet us and offered us tea which we accepted with great pleasure. He is holding a container for sugar cubes. Customarily you place a cube in your mouth and suck the tea through it.

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