Saturday, June 18, 2011

Introduction to the Third Set of Snippets: Traveling in Iran

It’s time for answers to some questions I’ve been asked a lot: "OK so where is Iran? Where did you go exactly? Did you go with a tour?  What about your leaders and your traveling companions? And OK so what was this outfit you had to wear?"

I can take care of the "Was it safe for you to be there?" question quite easily:  Yes, I was very safe indeed. Safer than one might be in some parts of Oakland. Of course, there are places in Iran and in Oakland where I wouldn't walk alone and especially not alone at night. Most of the time we were visiting places as a group, moving pretty much like a herd of turtles, with Reza, our guide, at the front, and Carolyn, our tour leader, at the rear. (More about them below.) Even so I was careful, watched my surroundings, zipped up my purse, and then completely relaxed into the experience.

If you can think of any questions you'd like to raise, please send me comments. I'd love to respond.

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