Monday, June 20, 2011

Breakfasts in Iran

I ate just about the same thing every day. A fried egg, some bread with (be still my heart) Carrot Jam, a small piece of fresh cheese, a little like feta but creamier, and hot tea.
To the left is a large bowl of Carrot Jam and the chef standing guard over it. Not really.
Below is the cheese I liked so much.

I would occasionally switch out the fried egg for scrambled eggs with tomatoes which was actually a wonderful combination—probably harking back to my mid-western childhood favorite, scrambled eggs with ketchup. And in Mashhad I ate a rice pudding flavored with rose water that was simply delicious.

In most of our hotels, the buffet breakfast included a whole lot more than my usual fare: many different kinds of breads, non-pork mystery luncheon meats, non-pork sausages, beans, yogurt, dates, fresh fruit, tomatoes, and cucumbers. You understand the non-pork part of the menu. It's a Muslim country and pork is not eaten at all. Not once did we spot a piggy or any pork.

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