Monday, June 20, 2011

Bread in Iran

There are lots of different kinds of bread in Iran. But the bread which is served at every meal is flat with tiny holes punched in it. We saw several different kinds of bakeries making it: some more mechanized than others. But the bread itself was always fashioned by hand, even if the baking process involved a conveyor belt.

Some comes wrapped in plastic, at a restaurant in Hamadan.
Some comes freshly made and still warm, at a restaurant in Yazd.
In my opinion, the best bread of the trip was made in a restaurant in Shiraz. The baker stood next to his blazing hot oven fashioning the bread from the balls of dough next to him.
Here he is decorating it with a tool. Sorry for the arm; the restaurant's manager was explaining the process.

With great agility and speed, the baker pops it in and it adheres to the side of the oven.
When it was done, he reaches in with a hook and pulls it out. Now that's fresh.

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