Friday, July 8, 2011

Introduction to the Seventh Set of Snippets: Architecture In Iran

It is inaccurate to call these posts on architecture snippets. Snippets implies that they are short and to the point. I must say that none of these posts falls under the category of short. But they are very much to the point. “And what is that point?” you might ask. Well, as an example, the point is to see the various palaces we visited from all over Iran arranged on a time line from earliest to most recent and to observe the changes that occurred (or not) over time. I, for one, have found this process fascinating and have learned so much using the thematic approach rather than following the chronology of the trip. I hope you will as well.

The posts about Persian architecture are from the top:
Religious Architecture: Mosques, Shrines and Tombs, Madrasehs, Armenian Churches, Zoroastrian Fire Temples
Monumental Architecture: Palaces, Gardens, and Water
Domestic and Functional Architecture: Ice Houses, Wind Towers, Caravanserai, Public Laundries, Public Bath Houses, Bridges, and Houses of Strength

I’ve also added several posts which will help you understand Domes and Squinches which form the basis and the marvel of so much architecture in Iran and Decorative Stucco Work or Plasterwork which is used to decorate so many buildings.

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